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Dr. Anabela Gomes

Fostering Computational Thinking - from pre-school to higher education: for schools, families and societies.

Dolores Zambrano

Gamification strategies in the classroom

Dr Juan Silva

Flexible environments for lifelong learning

Jose Urgiles Cardenas

Experiences in the implementation of the pre-class of the Flipped Learning model

Henry Guevara

Use of Augmented Reality for learning

Xiomara Carrera

Shared analysis of results of the development phases of the mentoring model in the open and distance modality

Dr. Ferial Khaddage

Technological Innovations & The New Paradigm Evolution.  Where to from Here and How?

Erika Taranto

Serious games for young people to discover their passion in the digital age 

Blanca Cuji

ICT-mediated sign language learning

Jeddah Martial

Formative assessment through the use of e-rubrics

Dra. Karolien Huylebroek

A Digital Platform: an answer to the challenge of embedding the learning effect of professionalization activities?

Diana Angarita

Inclusive design: pedagogical experiences for the development and inclusive design of interactive teaching material for children and teachers in the city of Santa Marta

Luis Hernandez

Playing Seriously with Gamification and Serious Games

Maria Mercedes Zerega

Cyborg researchers": Use of facebook for learning digital ethnography. Design of an authentic research performance incorporating technology

Hna. Rivadeneira Rose

TECHNO-ETHICS: Recovering Human Dignity through the use of technology - a project for young people

Fernando Juca Maldonado

The Exergames as an alternative for the Gamification of the curricular activities of the digital natives

Amalia Rodriguez

Literary Circles at the University: a motivation to read and write in English through social interaction

Dr. Daniel Cebrián Robles


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