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November 29

Dr. Marcelo Vera

Changing the ICT chip for inclusive education



elizabeth montenegro

Intelligent tutoring systems - Salesian Polytechnic University


Dr. Vania Ribas

New technologies as tools to promote accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities




Lia Hermida

The EVALOE-SSD digital application as a training tool 

Miracle University - UNEMI

E. Domínguez, W. Vilca, D. Amaya and F. Lima

Virtual simulation of experiments as a strategy for teaching physics – Universidad Central del Ecuador

Diego Larriva

Design of inclusive interfaces for deaf children - Universidad del Azuay



Dr. Ana Iglesias

APEINTA – Commitment to inclusive teaching: use of new technologies inside and outside the classroom


Annabel Sanchez, Maria C. Donadeo

Virtual reality for meaningful learning - Colegio SEK de Madrid


Dr. Marina Calleja

Create communication opportunities at school through the app called ec+


 Vanessa Echeverría

Creation of artistic projects and creation of new technologies to facilitate the learning of the foreign language – University of the Arts

November 30

Dr. Jose Jesus Delgado Pena

Competency management and inclusion through the creation of digital resources


Ana Pillon, Bianca Gomes, Vania Ribas

Usability of games for the elderly – Federal University of Santa Catarina - Brazil

Yoselyn Gonzalez

Interactive reading at the Initial Level

Great House University



Richarth Arcos

Preparation of a MOOC for the development of digital competence in mathematics teachers

Great House University

Maria Laura Macias Loor

Self-assessment to improve the descriptive writing process in Moodle.

Great House University

Luis Hernandez

Video games: the cultural and pedagogical tool for the development of 21st century skills in the curriculum.


Jorge Albuja, Francisco Revuelta and Nhora Benitez

The use of technological tools in students' free time

Technical University of the North, Ibarra – University of Extremadura



freddy carvajal

Verbs with Mr. Freddy

Great House University



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