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Dr. Teresa Sancho

Learning analytics: The road to personalizing online teaching

Jeddah Martial

Robotics in the development of computational thinking in children of initial education

Dr. Miquel Oliver Trobat

The professional development of teachers and educational innovation in digital learning contexts

Mireya Rhodes

The use of Perusal as a didactic strategy in medical education

Joshua Bonilla

Implementation of the b-learning learning modality in the teaching of the English language for students of the State University of Milagro

Michael Oliver Riera

Conversation as a learning tool in a MOOC

Dr. Brenda Barrio

Assistive Technology and the Universal Design for Learning Model

Clayton Carrasco

Incidence factors linked to the use of gamification and serious games that determine the improvement in the productivity of learning the English language 

Fernando Juca

Virtual reality applied to education through immersive routes

Giovanny Haro

Analysis of the use of the e-learning platform

Dra. Marta Reina

Challenges  educational in the face of the fourth industrial revolution

Carlota Alvarado 

The use of the blog as a support for the development of writing skills in the English language

Gioconda Ramirez

A look at cultural rescue supported by ICT

Claudio Guevara

Gamification strategies applied to the development of teaching digital competence

Dr Milan Pol

The potential of networking for the support of learning

Roque Hernandez

Applications to robotics in the development of creativity and autonomy in children and adolescents

Hugo Velasco

The design and development of an online English preparation course (PET CAmbridge) for undergraduate students. Competence of reading comprehension skill

Alfonso Gutierrez

The city of water: Interdisciplinary project of physics, chemistry, biology and ICT

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