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We invite the entire educational community, researchers and professionals interested in issues related to "Digital Transformation in Learning" to actively participate in the different sessions of the XI Pedagogical Conference on Educational Technology and Innovation and to present papers or articles that show results from research, pedagogical innovations, educational applications or other experiences developed at various educational levels and various areas of knowledge, which contribute to enriching the scientific debate. The event will be held on November 10, 11 and 12, 2022, in the Casa Grande University's auditorium.


Papers that meet the following requirements will be considered:


  1. Be original and unpublished

  2. Be written in academic format (APA, 6th edition)

  3. Be written in Spanish or English

  4. Present results of an investigation, experience or pedagogical proposal

  5. Respect copyright


The papers must be sent no later than September 21, 2022, until 12:00 p.m., electronically. A Scientific Committee will evaluate the papers and communicate their acceptance to their authors on October 7, 2022, electronically.


Selected papers presented during the Pedagogical Conference in person or virtually, that meet the established criteria will be published in the proceedings of the event.  The presentation time for the papers is 30 minutes, plus an additionaln15 minutes for questions from the participants.


The speakers are exempt from the payment of registration in the Pedagogical Conference. If an article has several speakers (no more than four), only one of the authors is exempt from payment.


The following format should be used to present the papers:


  1. A .doc, .docx file

  2. Line spacing 1.5

  3. Arial font

  4. font size 12

  5. A4 format

  6. Between 3,500 and 4,000 words, not including annexes or references.


For the evaluation of the papers, the following criteria will be used:


  • Title.- Presents the subject of the document with clarity and precision.

  • Summary.- Briefly state the objective of the research or experience, the applied methodology and the most relevant results (200 to 250 words).

  • Keywords.- They are related to the topic of the document (between 4 and 6)

  • Introduction.- Explains research context

  • Study Objective or Problem.-  It is precisely defined and establishes scope and limitations

  • Theoretical foundation.- It is relevant, solid and related to the objective of the study.

  • Methodology.- Clearly explains the design, procedures and instruments used and their validation.

  • Analysis of results.- Consistently and critically analyze the results obtained, pointing out limitations, divergences or strengths of the object of study. It must include tables and/or relevant graphs and presented according to APA format, 6th edition.

  • Conclusions.- Generated from the results of the study, they contribute new ideas and provide recommendations for other research or experiences similar to the subject of the document.

  • Bibliographical References.- They are relevant to the topic of the document, comply with APA format and their publication date is not more than five years old.

  • Terminology.- It is appropriate according to the subject matter under study.

  • Timeliness of the research topic or experience.- It is new or is analyzed from a different perspective, of interest in the academic community, etc.


Send the paper to the address:

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