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Nicola Wills-Espinosa, PhD (c)

PhD in Education with specialization in Instructional Design for Online Learning, Capella University, Minnesota USA; Master of Arts in Urban Education with a specialization in English as a Second Language, New Jersey City University.

Karen Wigby, M Ed.

Master of Higher Education, UCG. Creator, coordinator and teacher of several English teacher training programs within the UCG. Advisor and director of English departments and teacher at various private schools in Guayaquil.

Sonja Janousek, MSc.

Master in Sustainable Development from Macquarie University, Australia. Professor at UCG. Consultant with experience in: Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development, Eco-tourism, Participatory Monitoring and Education for Sustainable Development.

Justin Scoggin, M Ed.

Master's degree in Higher Education from UCG. Coordinator of Educational and Technological Innovation of UCG.

Dolores Zambrano, M Ed.

Master of Higher Education, UCG; Master in New Technologies Applied to Education, University of Malaga, Spain. Administrator of the Virtual Campus of the UCG.

Olga González Abad, M Ed.

Master in Education, specialization in bilingual programs, UEES - Suny University of NY. Head of the English Department of the Polytechnic College. UCG Professor.

Priscilla Ubillus De Dueñas, M Arts.

Master of Arts of Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Jaén, Spain. TEFL CertificateUCG. Pedagogical Advisor and Coordinator of the English Area of Santo Domingo de Guzmán Teacher UCG, UEES and UCSG.

Gladys Ipanaqué, M Ed (c)

Master's degree in Higher Education from UCG. Supervisor at COPEI, Professor in the TEFL program at UCG.

Pillar Strap

Diploma in Design and Application of Educational Models UTEG. Professor at the UCG, UTPL, UTEG.

Pillar Strap

Hugo Velasco

English Coordination Assistant, English Teacher - "Logos Academy" School. 2008-2010. English Tutor - Universal Business Center 2007- 2008.

Irma Guzmán, M Arts.

Master in TESOL and Administration of Bilingual Programs, SUNY-UEES. National Coordinator of Academic Counseling COPEI. Professor of International Education at UCG.

Marcela Santos Jara

Diploma in Research, UCG, Diploma in Complex Pedagogy in Multidiversity Edgar Morán, Special Education Certificate in UCG with the University of North Texas.

Mariana Hi Fong De Camchong, Lcda.

Pre-Primary Teacher, General Director Blossom Family Center, UCG Professor. Director's Credential State of Florida.

Cesar Vergara

Technologist in International Business, Tecnológico Espiritu Santo. Professor and Supervisor at Copei.

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